BA 183.1

The Browser Wars

It is undeniably proclaimed that today is the generation of technology, the age of information. And I treat myself lucky to be able to live in this era when almost everything you need and want to know is just one click away. Of course, I will always be grateful to the many people behind the innovation of internet and social networking that today I am experiencing such priceless convenience. But who would know that all of us are in debt to some college nerds and drop outs!?

However, the information sharing development is quite a bloodshed. These browser wars lead to the improvement of internet and information dissemination but also resulted to an infamous war between the pioneer empires of the world wide web – Microsoft and Netscape.

It is intriguing indeed how the internet browsers emerged in the web. And once you came to know its humble yet shocking beginnings, you would ask yourself, “Is this serious?” And it is more surprising that Bill Gates, the emperor of the Internet, gone below the line and broke the law just to ensure his power and regime over the world wide web. Well, after all, it is all business. With shares of stock skyrocketing to billions, who wouldn’t want to be on top of the stock exchange? With Netscape being the pioneer of web browser, the threat it posted to Microsoft’s face is a red alert, a warning that the empire might be bugged down any time soon. And so, the infamous Browser Wars between the two pioneers broke out in the cyberspace. It was a war of pride and the survival of the most powerful. And everyone in each company were on deck, typing codes and tons of them. Everyone was gearing towards beating the competitor. And I guess it is obvious who won. For decades, Microsoft has been the leading computer software. However, the victory won resulted from some black propaganda and dirty tricks performed by Gates. Yes, shocking! The US Government got a good grip of Gates’s “badassness” and litigated him in the courts wherein the verdict stated that his company be split.

In a competition, there will always be a loser and a winner. On the other hand, when there is war, all will be losers. This Browser Wars, though, depicted the development of the world wide web, it also shows that in the battle of power and supremacy, success is spelled by the lives touched and inspired and not of sky-high market value of stockholder shares.


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