Money Talk

Today, many people would agree if I say that this generation should be dubbed as the “wealth generation.” In this growing society, money matters. We cannot acquire the things we need in our daily lives if we do not have money. We cannot enjoy the things we want if we cannot afford to pay for them. With this, it is truly a must that people should know better about their financial positions.

Some would argue that money is the root of all evil things. Economists will say otherwise. While we stuck up on the concept of life and happiness, money is circulating around the globe and defining reality. And if I may ask, who would not want to be a billionaire, anyway? Buying all of the things you never had and being in the cover of Forbes magazine? While many of us are hopelessly dreaming of lying down on a bed of roses, a lot more would rather want to lay down on a bed of cash. Admit it! Even I, myself, listed this on top of my life goals. And for your information, right now, with the right amount of knowledge and right amount of courage, you are one step closer to fulfilling this #LifeGoal. #Investment is the right word.

You may argue that why invest and take the risks of stock markets if you can also save your money and reduce the dangers of investing. Most of us use savings and investment interchangeably. But these two are never the same. Saving is when we set aside a portion of our money for future use while Investing is making our money grow overtime. Saving through banks have interests but these are actually an almost zero growth in your money. But when you invest in stocks, yes, you are more exposed to economic fluctuations in the market but the returns are much more substantial and promising. After all, we always prepare for the future, right? We save our money so that one day, we can buy the things we want, visit places we have never been and experience the life we always dream of. Bottom line is we want to have a happy and stable life. So, why not turn the savings into investments? Beyond everything, saving is a prerequisite to investing. And when we invest, we are actually allocating these happiness. Happiness may be subjective and others may say money can buy everything but happiness. Travel goals, lifestyle goals, relationship goals, family goals, let’s get real. Money does have to do with all our life goals and I am 100% confident that these goals make us happy in one way or another. So basically, it is “Invest now, Be happy later” or an even better “Happy and investing now, happier and wealthier later.”

It is really favorable to invest at a young age. Not only because the returns will be higher upon retirement but of course it is because early development and possession of a healthy financial mindset are very critical in our life. We encounter ups and downs in our families, relationships, work, and such which greatly affect our financial condition. So at an early age, building this skill is crucial. Take the right risks, consider every market, grasp each ounce of courage, and invest.


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