Philosophy in Life

“Life is but an empty dream”, a famous poet once had said. To you, these tiny little words may best describe absurdity. They are mere lexicons with no meaning and no value. Yes, I respect that. But now, I just want you to know that these are the seven words my heart always screams.

Life comes in many shapes. But most often than not, they come in circles – so to speak of experience.Growing up as I child, I used to live with a certainty that things operate in a cycle. It is being confident that the moment I close my eyes to sleep at night, I’ll be waking up on the same bed and the sun will be right there to greet me with its warm rays of sunshine. Surely, I lived with every passing day. And I care less and less of what is happening around me because I know, anytime, things will just recur and I will be doing just fine. Little did I know I was just manifesting the innocence and simple-mindedness of a child.

But as I grew older, I was mortified by a handful of things. These things made me realize that my childhood was a lie. That things never go on cycles. On some extent they do, but they have limitations. Those things that happened left me frozen in a corner questioning what life really is and thinking how will I be able to survive more of the coming tides. That was when I realize that life is not to be taken for granted. That it does not really come in shapes for you to take and fit yourself in. That it does not go in circles. Life rather, is a continuum of events you pioneered for yourself. Gazillions of Olympic-sized problems may have crossed your way but whether you like it or not, fight or give up, life still goes on. It takes no one but yourself to harness and give meaning to it. You must shape it to the life you wanted to have and live for the rest of your days. True that life is empty because you should fill it up with ideals and principles, goals and aspirations.

Some people would say that we cannot control the things that are happening in our life. So what then? Are we controlled by something invisible as one theory would suggest? As for me, I firmly believe that we are the masters of our own lives. We are the CEO’s. We maneuver it to the path we choose, we make the decision and live with it, we take charge of it and bear the consequences of being ourselves. We should not depend on others because they,too, have their own problems to face, own paths to take and own lives to live. Don’t you think that it is the most fulfilling thing in the whole universe?
And when our time comes, we will not be filled with regrets but pride. Pride that who we were is what we made of ourselves. Indeed that life is nothing but empty. All we have to do is take that one courageous step to make that once empty and barren life, a colorful and worthwhile one.


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