BA 183.1

IT and Me

Way back in elementary, I was a special science class pupil. And being in that special program means having electives or some special subjects. In our case, our special subject is a the basics of computer. Young as I am and without any know how of computers, I was a bit nervous and scared. Being in our computer laboratory was the most nostalgic schedule of my grade school days. I’m pretty sure that I embodied the saying, people are scared of the things they do not know.

Though the trips to the Computer Laboratory was a bit of a horror to me, each passing day of learning computers kept me coming back for more. I was amazed of the magnificent things one can do with computers. In fact, when I first laid my hands on a mouse and keyboard and set my eyes on a computer monitor, I was hooked! I was never close to a novice especially when it comes the technical parts but oh well, I know how to turn it on, play Feeding Frenzy, Pin Ball, Solitaire, and Minesweeper among others and of course, I know how to shut it down. That was life!

But as days went by and I learn more and more about computers, I found myself entranced in a world where I can be free. In a world where I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want to be.  It was then and there that I was succumbed to the cyberspace and created my cyber world.

Internet, as I may say is by far the greatest innovation mankind has ever laid hands on. It is the source of millions, if not, billions of information world wide. It is also a hub of networks and communication ways enabling the whole world to interact. With the advent of technology, Internet has been an excellent place to look for ideas, to communicate with other people, to do business and transactions, and  to build and strengthen bonds with families, and I claim, to become a better person.

The technology that brought internet and the cyberspace to life provided me with wide array of resources and outsources. With the emerging social media and networking sites, I was able to become a better individual. Better in a way that I was able to become a good friend to the people I do not often meet, to be a good family member to my relatives far from home, and to become a responsible citizen of the country by being informed with the latest news and concerns happening in my society . Not just like some teenagers who are brimming with apathy.

Today, we are in the age if information and technology and I can say that I am very lucky that at a young age, I was introduced to the magnificent world of computers. Although Computer Laboratories were once my distress, now it is undoubtedly one of my happy places!


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