So you turned 18 and every person you bumped into would look at you with bulging eyes and with pure energy asks, “So, how does it feel to be 18 now?” And you ‘ll meet her eyes with lesser intensity but with a friendly gesture and says, “Wala lang” or maybe even say “It’s not a big deal.” But you know for sure that you know better than “Wala lang” and “It’s not a big deal.”

Just now, I’ve realized how crucial an 18 year of age truly is. It spells, “Make it or break it.” You would never be who you are when you were 18.

At 18 you’ve got a wild heart. You are reckless. No one, not a thing can tame your exulting spirit. You are loved and in love. You wear your heart like a crown without the slightest of care to the weight that comes with it.

At 18, you are busy. You are busy of chasing your dreams that are not dreams at all. You are busy looking for things that were actually just under your nose. You go out of your shell and tell the world “I am what I am.”

At 18, You break the rules, break some chains (and even break a leg), and you cried and fell on your knees while doing this. You think you were born for this world to rise above the skies. You spread your wings and hoped for life and soared higher wanting to reach the cloud number nine. You are strong. It is a strength that is woven through the fabrics of your heart. It is the strength that fueled your spirit to  when life throws cannons of

At 18, you are at a crossroad.  And you might be asking yourself: Should I go further and embrace the world of legality? Or should I just stay still and watch where the seasons will take me? Standing at this crossroad may weaken you from your head to feet but it is what it is. You should take a step. One step to the reality of life you are now facing and two steps further for the person you will become when 18 retires as your adjective.


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